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The economic ripple effect

WeWork began in 2010 with a vision to build more than just beautiful, shared office spaces. We wanted to empower people and companies to pursue their purpose.

Today WeWork can provide access to a desk, a private office, and even custom-designed headquarters in 100 cities around the world.

This year, we partnered with HR&A; Advisors, an industry-leading economic development and policy-research firm, to track our community’s impact on people and businesses, neighborhoods, and cities across the world.

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A foundation for growth

Through space, technology, and community, WeWork is empowering people and companies to pursue their purpose.

  • More Savings


    saved in real estate costs by a WeWork member company of four, on average.

  • Higher survivability rate


    Across the U.S., new businesses are 13% more likely to survive after three years if they are WeWork members compared with their peers.

  • Accelerated growth


    of members globally credit WeWork with accelerating their company’s growth.

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Our community energizes

WeWork locations bring more people to neighborhoods, creating economic activity and opportunity for local businesses.

  • Increased Local Business


    of members globally did not work in the neighborhood prior to joining their location, bringing more activity and spending to local restaurants and shops.

  • Proximity to work

    1 in 10

    members has moved closer to their WeWork location since joining.

  • Supporting Sustainability


    of WeWork members walk, bike or use public transit to get to work, and 40% of members who used to drive alone to work have switched to a more sustainable form of transit.

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Creating impact on a global scale

With locations in 100 cities across six continents, WeWork fuels innovation and economic growth around the globe.

  • Driving Growth


    In major U.S. cities, 83% of WeWork members are in the Innovation Economy compared to 15% outside of WeWork. Globally, 76% of members are in the Innovation Economy.

  • Supporting new jobs


    Globally, the WeWork economy has a 1.7x economic multiplier meaning that for every WeWork member, an additional 0.7 jobs is supported across local economies.

  • fueling local economies


    The WeWork economy supports $123.7 billion in GDP worldwide through direct, indirect, and induced spending – roughly the size of the economy of cities like Vancouver, Dublin, or Austin.

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Impact beyond WeWork

There is a greater revolution at work in the world outside the office. Read more about how the We community is making an impact in all aspects of life.